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Harmonies in Creation: Works by Calder, Ramos, Gaudaire-Thor, and Puigmarti

HARMONIES IN CREATION presents 11 paintings and prints from the Ferris Family collection now available for acquisition.

Contact us to schedule a viewing Monday to Saturday from 11a to 5p. For more information, please contact Katie Weber at or call 858-454-1231.

ENA Art Group is delighted to present the visionary worlds of Alexander Calder, Willy Ramos, Jean Gaudaire-Thor, and Xavier Puigmarti.

San Diego, CA, October 18th, 2023 – Four visionary artists come together in this exhibition, “Harmonies in Creation" showcasing prints and paintings by Alexander Calder, Willy Ramos, Jean Gaudaire-Thor, and Xavier Puigmarti.

About the Artists:

  • Alexander Calder (Born in Lawnton, Pennsylvania, USA - 1898-1976): Although best known for his mobile sculptures, the artist was also an avid printmaker at the end of his career. Calder even used his prints for political activism—in 1967 and 1969, Calder produced posters protesting the Vietnam War.

  • Willy Ramos (Born in Seville, Spain 1941-2016): His flower paintings tell stories that are both vivid and introspective.

  • Jean Gaudaire-Thor (Born in Lyon, France 1925-2010): His prints are characterized by their surreal and dreamlike quality where reality and fantasy intertwine.

  • Xavier Puigmarti (Born in Barcelona, Spain 1949-2015): His abstract prints are a testament to the exploration of form and color.

“We are truly excited to bring these four extraordinary artists together in a single space, courtesy of the Ferris Family Collection. Each artist has their unique way of pushing the boundaries of art, and together, they create a mesmerizing tapestry of creativity." ~ Elsie Arredondo, Founder & Director of ENA Art Group.

"This exhibition was made possible thanks to our parents, who were passionate art collectors. They lived in San Diego together for over fifty years and shared

a deep love for each other and their community. Their legacy lives on through this wonderful exhibition." - Gillian and Kerry Ferris.

ENA Art Group is committed to presenting modern and contemporary art from private collections as well as emerging artists. Our goal is to inspire and engage art enthusiasts, collectors, and the public through a vibrant and diverse exhibition program.

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