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ENA Art Group presents SURREALIST WORLD an exhibition of twelve pieces of artwork by Emmanuel and Janet Snitkovsky.

San Diego, CA, July 18, 2023 – ENA Art Group is delighted to announce the unveiling of SURREALIST WORLD, an exhibition showcasing the remarkable talents of Ukrainian artists Emmanuel and Janet Snitkovsky.

Emmanuel, born in 1933 in Odessa, Ukraine, and Janet, born in 1934 in Chernyakhiv, Ukraine, first crossed paths after completing their education in 1963. Emmanuel's focus was sculpting, while Janet excelled in painting. After their marriage, they joined forces, combining their unique talents to create captivating paintings. Together, they navigated the creative process, each contributing their own expertise. Their innovative style and collaborative approach quickly gained popularity, leading to government commissions for large-scale murals and mosaics in major cities. Additionally, their work was prominently featured in numerous exhibitions throughout Europe.

In pursuit of greater artistic independence, Emmanuel and Janet, along with their son, immigrated to the United States in 1978, eventually becoming US citizens. Settling in the US, the artists embarked on a new phase, infusing their playful themes with vibrant oil and pastel colors, reflecting a distinctive blend of Renaissance and modern influences. Emmanuel sadly passed away in 2005, but the couple's love story lives on through their extraordinary artwork.

Surrealist World presents ten original paintings and two prints from a private collection. These pieces showcase the artists' mastery of various techniques, including the use of bold and bright colors on large canvases, as well as their use of mixed media in oils, pastels, and ink. Their artwork beautifully captures the special bond shared by this artistic husband-and-wife partnership. Some pieces depict whimsical moments, while others bring to life stories from mythology.

The public is invited to attend the opening reception of SURREALIST WORLD on Saturday, August 12th, from 4p to 6p at ENA Art Group's location: 237 Spruce St. Suite B, San Diego, CA 92103. RSVP for the reception is required.

Select paintings of SURREALIST WORLD will be on display at ENA Art Group from August 12th and has been extended until November 8th, 2023. Schedule a private viewing or visit our gallery Monday to Friday from 11a to 5p.

ENA Art Group is committed to presenting modern and contemporary art from private collections as well as emerging artists. Our goal is to inspire and engage art enthusiasts, collectors, and the public through a vibrant and diverse exhibition program.

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