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The Undivided: Audio-Visual Installation

Concerto #1 for American Violin, Mexican Violin, and Electronica

This sculptural, audio-visual installation replicates a section of the US/Mexico International Border Wall composed of a faux concrete base containing hidden speakers and two projectors. The installation presents a looping 13-min audio of two violinists, one Mexican and one American with the border wall dividing them while they play the same original musical score, the music notes of which can be seen projected on the grey poles of the sculpture. This piece illustrates that the language of music unites and transcends political borders and cultural divides.

M A L U is a classical and electronic musician. She holds a degree in music, a degree in violin performance, a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Studies and Music, a Master of Arts in Ed., and a Master in Arts in Higher Ed. She specialized in ECD in music curriculum and specialized in electronic music and film scores. M A L U focuses on orchestral conduction and electronic music performances, touring CA, US, MX, Asia, and Europe. She was commissioned to compose music for Portrait of a Nation’s short film honoree, Dr. Anthony Fauci, at the Smithsonian’s National Portrait Gallery in Washington, DC. Founder of SouthTrain, a festival that united more than 80 artists and art projects from four cities in two countries, Mexico and the US, to perform and promote art in times of pandemic. THE UNDIVIDED by M A L U


Opened to the public on Sunday, April 28th with the artist M A L U

Location: 237 Spruce St. Suite B, San Diego 92103

For more information, please contact Salina Arredondo at or call 858-454-1231.

ENA Art Group: To Inspire. To Inform. To Give Back.

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